Our Vision for Osaka

8 Keywords for an International Tourism and Culture City

A world-class city for living, work, study and travel:

Asia's number one international tourism and culture city

Experiences and Inspiration

  • An enjoyable city of diverse dining, entertainment, history, culture and arts, and other leisure activities
  • A city with many professional sports to watch
  • A city of culture that attracts artists from around the world
  • A city that gathers organizers of entertaining events
  • A city that offers incomparable luxury experiences to the world's wealthy class

Energy and Vigor

  • A soothing city abound with greenery and flowers
  • A city with a robust sports culture that promotes fitness and enjoys healthy lifestyles
  • A city that attracts worldwide talent, fostering entrepreneurship, employment, and wealth

Hopes and Dreams

  • A city that possesses world-class event facilities holding many events, allowing people, things, and information to gather and give rise to innovation and new businees
  • A city with sustained and healthy economic development, allowing many peole to enjoy leisure
  • A city that tackles challenges again

Diversity, Equality, and Coexistence

  • A city of coprosperity that accepts many different worldviews and values
  • A welcoming and comfortable destination for tourists, exchange students, and all travelers
  • A city that helps the disadvantaged and encourages mutual support
  • A city that sends travelers across Japan so that other destinations can also flourish

Recovery and Resilience

  • A city capable of rapid recovery from disasters, with resilient and adaptable people

Safety, Security, and Cleanliness

  • A city with low risk of danger or infection to individuals, and a comfortable destination


  • A city that offers a wide variety of ways to enjoy leisure without concentrating content at a specific season or place

Greenery & the Environment

  • Achieving a zero-carbon society
  • Curtailing global warming
  • Preserving ecological diversity

Future Direction of the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

Using tourism as a platform to

maximize the economic effect on Osaka


Increase visitors

Initiatives to encourage travelers
to choose Osaka


Increase quality

Initiatives to maximize consumption
after arrival


Share benefits

Initiatives to sustain and spread
the economic effect

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the transition from a focus on quantity to a focus on quality.

The Three Concepts of our Project Development

A 24-hour tourism city


With the 24-hour accessible Kansai International Airport and two of the top entertainment areas in the country, Kita and Minami areas, Osaka acts as the way of the nation that attracts visitors both domestically and internationally.

A travel hub for the Kansai region and western Japan


By taking advantage of its location in the center of Kansai, a treasure trove of tourism resources such as history, culture, and nature, and its well-developed transportation system radiating from Osaka with Kansai International Airport, Osaka will offer theme-based stay-and-go tourism using Osaka as a gateway to bring tourists to Kansai, Setouchi, Hokuriku, Chubu, and other parts of Japan.

A diverse and vibrant destination


Known to be where you "eat till you drop," Osaka takes advantage of and promotes its wide-ranged food culture, in addition to its abundant tourism resources including history, culture/entertainment, sports, and wellness. We aim to make Osaka a destination that everyone, regardless of sexual identity, age, or disability, can enjoy.

Four strategies ahead of Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan and the potential IR (integrated resort)

A showcase for Japanese tourism

The world's gateway into the rest of Japan and promoting Japan travel globally

A leader in Japan's tourism industry

Gathering experts from every field and becoming a model for the rest of Japan

A catalyst for Osaka's economic growth

Generating new value in business and continuous economic development

A high value-added meetings and events (MICE) destination

High satisfaction for event attendees and widespread, long-term economic impact