About Membership

Work with us towards our common goal
of revitalizing Osaka!

The Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau is a membership-based organization. We work in collaboration with our members to promote tourism and to bring more meetings and events to Osaka, and we are always looking for members who can support us in our common goals. These members come from a wide array of industries and provide an invaluable local network of connections and information. These common goals include revitalizing Osaka past the COVID-19 pandemic and making it Asia's number one tourism and culture city, and making Osaka a city the world recognizes as great for visiting, living, working, and studying.

Membership with the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

Main Benefits for Members

Membership with the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau includes the following benefits year-round

Facility and shop information listed on our Osaka Info Japanese site

Online seminars and discounts for our advertising system

Access to and exposure from our email newletter

Viewing and posting on our online news bulletin

Exclusive networking opportunities with fellow members

Exposure for sustainability initiatives, and membership sticker distribution

For more information on benefits and how to become a member, please refer to our Japanese site here: