International Student Support

In April 2020, the Osaka Global Student Support Association (OGSA) was launched by the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau alongside Osaka Prefecture, the City of Osaka, educational institutions, businesses, and international student support organizations. This organization supports international students, and strives to make Osaka an ideal destination to live, learn, and work.

To clearly define its initiatives, upon launching the OGSA set forth 16 action plans over four strategies: promotion, support, engagement, and career development, and formulated its work around these action plans.
The initiatives of the OGSA receive national attention. Central government agencies such as the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, as well as private corporations and media, participate in general meetings and regular sessions to learn about the organizations activities.

We aim to make Osaka the city with the highest international students satisfaction rate in Asia by 2030, and strive to become a model case for international study in Japan.

Leading up to Expo 2025, we are working with its organizers in order to create opportunities for international students to thrive, with a goal of 10,000 students being employed as volunteers at the Expo.
The OGSA has registered with the Team Expo 2025 Co-creation Challenge program. More details are available here: (available in Japanese only)