Art & Culture

The Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau promotes art and culture tourism through the appreciation of fine arts, theatrical plays, traditional performing arts, concerts, architecture, and more. The OCTB has constructed a special web portal for art and culture tourism, develops art and culture content on the Osaka Info website, utilizes social media, engages in art and culture tourism promotion campaigns, and attracts and promotes art- and culture-related events. Looking ahead to Expo 2025 and beyond, we aim to promote Osaka as an art and culture tourism city with the goal of increasing Osaka’s standing in international rankings as one of the world’s most liveable cities.

Art Flavor Osaka Web Portal

In November 2022 the OCTB formed an art and cultural network of creative professionals with the purpose of bringing people to Osaka in appreciation for culture and the arts. In June 2023, we launched the Art Flavor Osaka web portal to showcase the cultural experiences that Osaka has to offer.

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Via the official Art Flavor Osaka Instagram account, we provide the latest information on cultural and art locations and sites to visit across Osaka in English and Japanese. We periodically produce campaigns in collaboration with art and history museums and post artistic content from Osaka’s cultural offerings.

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