Domestic Travel Promotion

In April 2022, the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau announced its new travel slogan, "Nippon Genki! Osaka Genki!" With these phrases, expressing Japan's and Osaka's resilience and vitality, the OCTB focuses on appealing to travelers from across Japan, who contribute approximately 4.5 times more in tourism consumption than inbound international tourists. The OCTB develops promotional tactics targeting different areas and groups while working together with travel service providers and attractions to revitalize demand for travel to Osaka.

Nippon Genki! Osaka Genki! Campaign

With the aim of recovering Osaka's and Japan's economies in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau strives to spread vitality and enthusiasm to the rest of Japan under the "Nippon Genki! Osaka Genki!" slogan.

This campaign holds the three tenets of fostering recovery and energy ("genki") in Osaka, spreading this energy across Japan ("Nippon"), and further fueling this energy. To carry this out we have recruited the support of celebrities, athletes, and local Osakans to help share information on the things, ideas, people, and places that give Osaka its energy.

See more information on the official campaign website:
(available in Japanese only)

Participating in Travel Trade Shows

The Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau attracts more visitors to Osaka by annually participating at Tourism Expo Japan, one of the world's largest annual travel trade fairs where travel destinations and attractions from around the world and across Japan gather. The Japan Tourism Showcase in Osaka, a travel fair dedicated to travel in Japan, showcases the appeal of Osaka and the Kansai region.

Collaborations with Other Destinations

Following the comprehensive partnership agreement we signed with the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau in December 2021, we work alongside Tokyo to promote the attractiveness of both Osaka and Tokyo. We will continue to forge new partnerships with regions across Japan to engage in the mutual promotion of more destinations.