Tourism Infrastructure

Osaka Free Wi-Fi

In anticipation of the upcoming Expo 2025 and potential integrated resort (IR), the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau has worked to make Osaka a more convenient destination with the installation of over 3,900 free Wi-Fi access points across the prefecture.

Call Center and Chat Bot

Available in English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, as well as Vietnamese and Thai during certain hours, our internet (VoIP) call center can handle text information such as location and URL data. The chat bot available on our Osaka-Info website provides direct and personalized guidance.

Tourist Information Centers

Our three tourist information centers stationed at Osaka Station, Shin-Osaka Station, and Nankai Namba Station provide both Japanese and international travelers with hospitality and support for a comfortable stay in Osaka. Staff provide sightseeing and travel information for destinations and attractions across Osaka prefecture, and even accommodate Osaka-based "micro-tourism," a recent trend towards day trips and local travel.