Educational Travel

Within Japan

Whether it is experiencing what a certain occupation is like, or learning about the SDGs, the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau aims to provide programs that follow the latest trends in education and further improve school trips to Osaka. These programs also contribute towards revitalizing regional areas and shopping streets across Osaka Prefecture.
To attract more schools to come to Osaka for their school trips, we worked with travel agencies to create new attractive travel plans such as the "Maido! Osaka Expo Program" and the "Osaka B&S Expo version." (available in Japanese only)
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Osaka ranks number one in Japan for the number of educational trips coming from overseas. We coordinate with educational instutions such as elementary schools, junior high schools, senior high schools, vocational schools, and universities, as well as international educational trip groups, to ensure a fullfilling international exchange experience for students participating in programs.

Distinct from regular travelers, students that come to Osaka on educational trips become influential ambassadors of Osaka. Promoting Osaka on their social media accounts, these students greatly contribute to future increases in inbound travelers. 訪日修学旅行②.jpg 訪日修学旅行①.JPG